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Rummy-nose tetra - Wikipedia

The rummy-nose tetra (Hemigrammus rhodostomus) is a species of characin fish originating in , popular among fishkeepers as an fish. [1] [2] One of many small belonging to the same genus, it is on average ...

Rummy Nose Tetra Care Guide: Tank Size, Tank Mates, Lifespan

We are going to tell you about rummy nose tetra. Here you will find information about how to keep, feed, choose tank mates for the rummy nose tetra. Take a look!

Rummy-Nose Tetra | Fish Bazaar

Its name is derived from the word “rummy“, which was the name given to rum addicted alcoholics who often had red (rummy) noses. ...

Rummy Nose Tetra Care Guide | The Aquarium Guide

Rummy nose tetra has a semi-transparent yet greenish tint under normal conditions. However, when stressed, its reddish coloration turns significantly pale.

Aquaria/Rummy-nose tetra - Wikiversity

Rummy-nose tetras are small, freshwater, tropical fish often kept in aquaria.

Rummy Nose Tetra: Care Guide For The Uniquely Colored Fish

Check out our full care guide for the rummy nose tetra whose brightly colored extierior will bring a fun and vibrant look to your tank.

The Ultimate Rummy Nose Tetra Care Guide: Breeding, Tank Mates ...

Even if you’ve narrowed it down to the tetra family, each member has a unique appearance to

Rummy Nose Tetra | Nano Tanks Australia Aquarium Shop

Scientific Name : Hemigrammus bleheri Common Names : Brilliant Rummy Nose Tetra, Firehead Tetra, Red Nose Tetra Care Level : Easy to Moderate and can be fairly hardy if acclimated properly. Be careful ...

Urban Aquaria: Platinum Rummy Nose Tetra

Just to share a "new" variant of rummy nose tetra that seems to be appearing at various LFS recently, i bought a few batches of them from ...

Rummy Nose Tetra Care And Profile - Hemigrammus Rhodostomus

Rummy nose tetra - Hemigrammus rhodostomus. ... Common Name Rummy nose tetra. Scientific Name Of The Species Hemigrammus rhodostomus.